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Corey Aubuchon

User focused development
San Diego, CA

What I really do.

I love to problem solve difficult physical and digital challenges with technology. I have a passion for efficient process and finding ways make technology enjoyable for everyone. From hands-on development to agile planning or team building, my talents are diverse enough to take on a wide-range of challenges.

Front End

  • Javascript / ES8
  • Angular / VueJS
  • Webpack / Gulp
  • Electron / Cordova
  • SCSS / Sass

Back End

  • NodeJS / PH
  • WordPress / Drupal
  • Linux / Unix
  • AWS
  • DevOps


  • Application architecture
  • Agile leadership roles
  • Team growth strategy
  • Large and small team lead
  • On and off-shore management

For the best, with the best

While I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best brands, I have also worked with some incredibly talented people. Sometimes it meant building marketing campaigns and sometimes it meant building a robot that can remotely throw a 100 mph fastball from 3000 miles away. Regardless, here is what those people have said about me.

I know that working with Corey means that I am working with someone who is equally as invested, who is always looking out for the well being and sanity of the rest of the team, and is always looking to improve the technology and process.

Joe Carpenito

Foundation Medicine

Corey is rare talent. Whether it’s web or Node, hardware or 3D modeling, he is super quick to pick up new skills and to apply them with stellar results. Corey isn’t afraid to speak up, to ask questions when something seems off, and to figure out solutions when no one else has the answers. He’s the kind of guy you always fight to get on your team.

Joe Morgan



Now located in San Diego, CA, I would love to work with those who push technology boundries but always have the user in mind. Take a look at my resume and reach out if you think we could work well together.